White Goods & Appliance

As the choice approved supplier for the White Goods & Appliance industry for over 50 years, HYSON is the go-to company for precision force products that improve part quality and production through-put.

Quickly Delivering the Right Solutions

We quickly offer premium quality solutions best fit for your needs and goals– such as decreasing your production downtimes or reducing costs.

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Whether you are designing, building, or maintaining dies – or – stamping standard or complex parts, HYSON’s solutions will help you overcome application obstacles with off-the-shelf nitrogen gas springs OR custom designed advanced systems like a nitrogen manifold.

Our traditional and next-generation metal forming solutions are engineered to help drive repeatable and efficient processes, improve safety and stamping quality, and increase to higher through-puts. Whether you are forming standard metals, high strength steel or advanced high-strength steel- our diverse product offerings & expert support will help you simplify your process by quickly delivering the right solution for your application.


The Standard Choice 

OEM manufacturers continue to choose HYSON in their OEM standards because we provide premium quality products that you can depend on to be safe & reliable.

Read our Case Study on Preventing Unplanned Production Stops for Multi-Action Forming on Oven Liners

With our HYSON-quality solutions, you can improve your stamping quality while at the same time reducing production downtime- making your production more reliable, on schedule, and reducing unnecessary maintenance costs.  

HYSON Solutions for Appliance Industry:



  • Consistent, reliable force
  • More force, less space
  • Low pressure rise



  • High force
  • Delayed return
  • Consistent, reliable force





  • Increase stamping speeds
  • Sustainable for longer tool lifetimes
  • Maintain high quality parts



  • Provide uniform pressure
  • Ease of installation & removal
  • Ideal for limited production runs



  • Constant force throughout the stroke
  • High force
  • Pad delay in an upper or lower application

CAD Library

To make your job easier, you can find HYSON products in our CAD Library in various formats.

How Can We Help?

Contact us today to quickly get help optimizing your White Goods and Appliance operation. Our experts around the world are happy to help with:

  • Die Blank Holding
  • Precision Force
  • Force & Motion Control
  • Application Engineering
  • Production Stampers
  • Die Design

Our Commitment to Safety

From our facility to yours, HYSON believes safety is the number one priority in everything we do.

Learn how to Reduce Risks with Safety Features that improve your Safety

We live this through our “Safety First” culture, our processes, the Genuinely HYSON features and programs that we design into our products and services. By teaming with HYSON for Metal Forming Solutions, you help ensure you, your team and your facility have a partner in safety. 

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