HYSON Case Study: Extending Life of Dies

Check out how our TANKER® Series springs provided metal stampers a more durable solution for high performance applications.

HYSON NitroCAM Configurator

Check out our latest excel-based configurator!

HYSON Case Study: High Force Solutions for Rotary Drill-Head

Check out how our T4SC -1800 gas springs were the perfect fit and integrated seamlessly into the top drive head chuck.

HYSON Case Study: Industrial Clamping for Secondary Steel Processing

Check out how our INSTAclamp™ Lock Rings which helped a Midwest steel processor eliminate unplanned downtime associated with bolt-thread split ring failures.

HYSON Case Study: High Speed Crowns and Closures

Check out how our Dyne-A-Lube cylinders with dynamic lubrication helped a crowns and closures metal stamper increase their quality, operating speed and uptime.