XTREME - Our most heavy duty gas springs

XTREME Duty Gas springs provide increased service life compared to standard off-the-shelf gas springs and are designed to withstand harsh environments & extreme working conditions. They are optimal for highly demanding industrial applications can be custom designed to fit your needs.

HYSON’s products are expertly engineered, and our XTREME duty gas springs have the most technologically advanced safety features in the industry. What’s more, they are also a powerful alternative to hydraulic springs. By using nitrogen gas instead of hydraulic fluids, the risk of contaminating the environment or the end product is eliminated.

This series of heavy duty gas springs are designed to withstand the harsh environments and extreme working conditions found in highly demanding industrial applications such as:


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The self-contained XTREME heavy duty solution is ingeniously designed to meet and exceed the demands of your application, offering increased life over standard off-the-shelf gas springs. Our XTREME duty gas springs are engineered, designed and built in Ohio to withstand the environmental elements that cause other gas springs to fail, such as and not limited to:

  • Liquids
  • Steam
  • High temperatures
  • Temperature swings
  • Tough duty cycles


The XD Series - Gas Springs for Heavy Industries

HYSON’s XD series of industrial gas springs come in a variety of standard models, stroke sizes and material finishes. Our heavy duty gas springs can also be custom designed to fit your application where our expert team takes into consideration the environment, duty cycle and force requirements. We offer a wide variety of mounting arrangements including; bolt holes, sliding pucks, clevis mounts and more.


Contact our industrial applications team to learn more about the XTREME Duty product materials, specifications and model information.

XTREME Duty Gas Springs