In today’s world of; high strength materials, complex geometries, strict customer tolerances and precision deep draw, medical stampers face more challenges than ever before.

HYSON is dedicated to helping customers overcome challenges with advanced solutions such as, but not limited to; the MASTERform™ Servo Controlled Forming System, OPTIform™ Hydraulic Press Cushion, and the Di-Dro die mounted hydraulic manifolds. Utilizing these technologically advanced solutions and innovative technology provides stampers with the ultimate competitive advantage by; improving part process, quality, and repeatability.

By understanding your application and the challenges you’re facing, we can work with you to determine the right solution for your application. With so many precision force options, we are confident our proven solutions can help you achieve; higher through-put, reduced maintenance and improved quality.

HYSON Solutions for Medical:


  • Programable force control throughout the stroke
  • Delay function, pre-acceleration
  • Reverse forming
  • HMI & user-friendly programming
  • Health monitoring
  • Pad retraction system


  • Delay bottom dead center and program return
  • Constant force throughout the stroke
  • Low contact and return force
  • Compact design maximizing available shut height
  • Ease of integration into your press


  • Provides constant force throughout the stroke.
  • Pad delay can be activated with an electric or pneumatic signal.
  • Can be used in upper and lower application


In-Die Solutions
In-Press Solutions

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Genuinely HYSON:

From our facility to yours, HYSON believes safety is the number one priority in everything we do. We live this through our “Safety FIrst” culture, our processes, and the Genuinely HYSON features and programs that we design into our products and services. By teaming with HYSON for Metal Forming Solutions, you help ensure you, your team and your facility have a partner in safety. Find out more