Highly engineered force generating products to form metals more efficiently & with quality results


Learn why OEM manufacturers continue to choose HYSON as approved supplier.


HYSON enables the forming of complex shapes in less die stations.

XTREME Duty Gas Springs

Custom designed & built to withstand the environmental elements that cause other gas springs to fail.


HYSON enables efficient and reliable metal reduction processing.

Global Force and Motion System Leader

Since 1964, HYSON has been the industry leader in providing the safest, force and motion control solutions for metal forming, metal shaping, mill and industrial applications. We engineer, manufacture, collaborate, innovate, and deliver a diversified product portfolio; both off-the shelf and custom-engineered, enabling our customers to advance their clamping, separation, metal forming, metal shaping and vibration dampening processes with the latest force technologies.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with superior customer service, global technical support and safer, more reliable products with the most technologically advanced, custom-designed safety features; developed to eliminate injury and damage, providing customers with the safest working environments.

With HYSON’s strong global presence, we proudly serve customers worldwide in many different industries; Appliance, Automation, Electric Vehicle, General Industrial, HVAC and Oil & Gas. Some of our customers include; Automation, Automotive OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Suppliers, Die Builders, General Industrial, Metal Stampers and Steel Producers.

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