EV & AV (Electric Vehicles & Autonomous Vehicles)

At HYSON we offer customized solutions to your needs with over 80 years of experience in metal stamping solutions in the Automotive industry.

With the fast growing EV, or Electric Vehicle, market we can provide a variety of precision engineered components and solutions for Electric Vehicle Manufacturing and Production.

Our Solutions

High Speed Stamping

Save valuable time with stamping solutions that can withstand a high number of strokes per minute.

Hyson has solutions that allow your stamping press to operate at high speeds without losing out on wear and tool lifetime. Our World-class technical support team will help you find a solution to your High Speed Stamping needs with customizable solutions to save you time with high speed stamping and money with reliable products with long lifetimes.

Xtreme Duty Gas Spring

HYSON’s XTREME Duty Gas Springs are expertly engineered with the most technologically advanced safety features in the industry. Designed to withstand the harsh environments and extreme working conditions found in highly demanding industrial applications such as Hot Stamping, Steel Production and Processing, lift trucks, mining, construction and agriculture vehicles.

EV Stamping Solutions: High Speed Stamping

Save valuable time with High Stamping Solutions that can withstand a high number of strokes per minute.

1. High Speed Hose & Tank
2. High Speed DYNA-Lube Cylinder
3. DYNA-Lube Manifold System
4. TNK 400 HS Gas Spring

Materials for High Speed Stamping

  • Aluminum
  • Magnesium
  • Titanium
  • High Strength Steel (HSS)
  • Advanced High Strength
  • Steel (AHSS)

EV Battery components

  • Cylindrical case
  • Cooling plate
  • Quadratic case
  • Mono frame
  • Pouch frame
  • Pouch/Upper and Lower
  • Module Plate
  • Bus bar

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