With EV/AV global manufacturing on the the rise, whether you're a Stamper, Tier 1, or Automotive OEM, HYSON's metal stamping solutions will benefit your stamping operations.

We are a Global Industrial leader with over 80 years of experience in providing the highest quality nitrogen gas springs, manifold systems and patented dynamic lubrication to high-speed & high-volume market customers, which include; Automotive EV/AV, High-Speed Container, Ordinance, Oil Filters, Construction and Building Products.

By understanding your application and the challenges you’re facing, we can work with you to determine the right solution for your stamping operations. With the largest selection of metal stamping solutions, we are confident our proven solutions will help you increase productivity and efficiency.

HYSON Solutions for EV/AV Industry:


  • High force
  • Consistent, reliable force
  • Counter balances heavy loads
  • Self contained


  • Reduces downtime
  • Increases production
  • Less maintenance
  • High speed applications



  • Consistent, reliable force
  • More force, less space
  • Low pressure rise
  • Delay technology



  • MASTERform™ 
  • OPTIform™
  • TRUEform™
  • INTELLImax™


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Genuinely HYSON:

From our facility to yours, safety is the number one priority in everything we do. We live this through our “Safety First” culture, our processes and the Genuinely HYSON features and programs that we design into our products and services. By teaming with HYSON for Metal Forming Solution, you help ensure you, your team and your facility have a partner in safety. Find out more