A Leader in Innovation

HYSON Metal Forming Solutions designed and manufactured the first pneumatic die cylinder in 1939. From that auspicious start, we have become a world leader in nitrogen gas systems, introducing the first nitrogen gas spring in 1964. Nitrogen gas springs and Nitrodyne manifold systems, integral to metal forming operations, are used to control the flow of material during part formation, and to complement the action of the press or die.

HYSON continued its innovative ways, expanding the technology of force to include the Dyne-A-Cam® Series of cams and the DRAC® Series of controllable systems, engineered for metal stamping operations that require a pad delay. In 1985, we introduced the high performance Tanker® Series of gas springs that features dynamic lubrication for long service life under less than ideal environments. This series continues to evolve, most recently with the debut of the Tanker®T and Tanker®S, that provide high force in short heights with extended stroke lengths to 225mm.

In 2007, HYSON expanded its line with the Di-Dro Advanced Forming System, a hydraulic manifold that combines high force in a small space, and provides controllable pad delay.

HYSON is backed by the financial strength and long history of Barnes Group, Inc., a technology based diversified manufacturer of engineered products and systems generating superior value for our customers and shareholders, through an energized and passionate workforce.

Continuing to innovate, HYSON developed an extreme environment product line which meets the high force, harsh fluids, temperatures and contaminents of heavy industry like steel processing.


We are a manufacturer of precision force controlled products focused on innovation that creates value for the customer through a passionate and empowered team.


To enable more efficient and reliable forming of critical metal products and complex shapes through the innovation and development of precision force control solutions.


HYSON is a design and manufacturing company focused on innovation that creates value for our customers. Through our force and motion control products, we enable companies to form standard and advanced metals creating safer, more reliable products to their markets.


As a business of Barnes Group Inc., HYSON provides highly engineered products, differentiated technologies and innovative solutions with the most comprehensive product line in the industry.