Hot Stamping

Hot stamping has become one of the hottest go-to technologies to form Ultra (UHSS) and Advanced (AHSS) High-Strength Steels and complex parts.

However, the extreme heat and boron scale associated with the hot stamping process can create issues all their own. As metal technologies continue to advance, so must the components that stampers rely on to form these newer metals.

The Force Solutions that typically work for standard stamping applications are not equipped to withstand the harsh environments that are experienced during hot stamping. Whether you are looking to overcome boran scale ingestion, failed springs and excessive downtime, quality issues, or side load issues, HYSON has solutions that can help.

HYSON Solutions for Hot Stamping Applications:


  • Ingestion protection



  • Delays pressure pad
  • Aids in cooling and forming
Product Offering
Hot Stamping Solutions

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