Increase to higher stamping speeds AND longer life cycles.

What is DYNE-A-LUBE?

It is a Patented lubrication system compatible with any of HYSON's nitrogen cylinder systems, designed to have them run at higher speeds AND have longer life cycles.

Benefits of using DYNE-A-Lube

Many DYNE-A-Lube systems have run over 50 million strokes on cylinders with no leakage- and several of these have operating speeds over 250 strokes per minute. The sealing, lubricating, & cooling of the cylinder allows them to run at reliable High speeds with longer Life cycles, which results in less downtime for maintenance and increased production time.

Who can benefit?

1. Those who value minimizing downtime and increasing production time.
2. Those who want to run higher speed applications.

Where can it be used?

The DYNE-A-Lube system can be incorporated into Manifolds, Hose & Tank Systems, Press Cushions, and Nitrogen Systems installed in a die shoe. The type of DYNE-A-Lube system will vary depending on which nitrogen system is used.

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