Paper and Pulp

Looking to upgrade Shock Absorbers, Damping Cylinders, Coils Springs, Disc Springs, Paper Mill Roll Stops? HYSON can help!

Our Retro-Fittable, self contained and custom engineered solutions provide safety and reliability, while improving quality and repeatability. HYSON helps Paper Mills, Paper Mill Builders and Paper Sheet Processors with complex and demanding applications by reconfiguring our proven off-the-shelf and advanced force solutions such as; Elevator Shock Absorbers, Roll Stop Applications, Impact Dampeners and Roll Changes.

By understanding your application and the challenges you’re facing, we can work with you to determine the right solution for your application. With so many precision force and motion control options, we are confident our proven solutions can help you achieve higher through-put, reduced maintenance and improved quality.

HYSON Solutions for Paper and Pulp:


  • Consistent, reliable force
  • Robust Heavy Duty Design
  • Dashpot, Progressive & Flat Dampening
  • Easily Retrofittable, many mounting configurations available


  • Lightweight aircraft aluminum
  • Consistent, repeatable latch force
  • Designed to meet your application


  • Self Contained
  • Consistent, Adjustable force
  • Reliable & Safe
  • Force Range .5 Tons to 20 Tons
  • Strokes up to 300 mm

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Genuinely HYSON:

From our facility to yours, HYSON believes safety is the number one priority in everything we do. We live this through our “Safety FIrst” culture, our processes, and the Genuinely HYSON features and programs that we design into our products and services. By teaming with HYSON for Metal Forming Solutions, you help ensure you, your team and your facility have a partner in safety. Find out more