TNKT Series


Full height, contamination resistant nitrogen gas springs with superior guidance, even in instances of marred rods. TNKT has a patented dynamic lubrication system to reduce heat build-up and wear on die components. Ideal for harsh environments and longer service life. For mid-height option, see TNKS Series

Available in stroke forces from 16,860N (3,790lbf) to 25,000N (28,200lbf) TankerT springs. TankerT gas springs can be hosed together and charged remotely using a control panel and hose system. Standard range of stroke lengths is 13mm -200mm for Model 1000 and 16mm to 200mm for model 2400. Stroke lengths up to225mm are available for Models 4200 and 6600.


Pressure medium Nitrogen
Force increase by temperature (%/ °C) 0.3
Max. charging pressure (bar at 20°C) 150
Min. operating temperature (°C) 0
Max. operating temperature (°C) 80
Max. piston rod velocity (m/s) 1.6