Accessories for charging and discharging gas springs and hose systems. Full description of products available on pages 2-3 of HYSON's Service and Maintenance Accessories Catalog.

Gas Spring Service and Maintenance Accessories

Nitrogen Charging Assembly

Transfer nitrogen gas from a commercial bottle to gas springs with the NCA-580-2600.The charging assembly includes a CGA-580 bottle fitting, and gauges for both system and tank pressure, shut-off valve and 10 feet of high pressure hose with a quick disconnect fitting. Easily connects to the Control Panel Fill Valve, Service Gauge Assembly or Pressure Indicator.

Pressure Indicator

Charge, discharge, bleed and measure pressure in nitrogen gas springs with M6 ports.

Service Gauge Assembly

Charging and discharging gas springs for use in the self-contained mode is simple with MGA-3000NH.

Valve Removal & Installation Tool

Safely discharges gas springs with threaded end. Easy to remove valve for hose systems.


Male Quick Disconnects (Charge Fittings)

HYSON offers a variety of charge fittings for use with gas springs.