NEW Die Follow Up Service

Let Us Validate Your Springs!

MOR and MOR-D – Product Update

As part of our continuous improvement initiatives, HYSON has updated the MOR and MOR-D manifold cylinders by adding a hex feature on the top of the cylinders for installation and removal torque.

NEW Industrial Shock Absorbers

HYSON's latest motion control shock absorbtion technology.

HYSON Engineering Team Demonstrates Social Good During COVID-19

With the on-going pandemic and increasing shortage of face masks, HYSON’s engineers; Alan Smith, Kelvin Knipl and Will Wilkins, teamed up together to create, print and assemble over 100 face-shields which are; functional, comfortable and can be sterilized numerous times for re-use.

HYSON Will Remain Open

Ohio Stay at Home Order - HYSON concluded "essential business" will remain open at this time.

HYSON - Fully Functional and Ready to Support

The past few weeks have been difficult for everyone around the world. In light of the COVID-19 crisis, we at HYSON want you to know we are working hard to help stop the spread of the virus.

TANKER® Series Preferred Offering

HYSON Launches New TANKER® Series Preferred Offering

HYSON Urethane Nitrogen Lock

HYSON announces the launch of the new Urethane Nitrogen Lock (UNL)

HYSON Case Study: Extending Life of Dies

Check out how our TANKER® Series springs provided metal stampers a more durable solution for high performance applications.

HYSON NitroCAM Configurator

Check out our latest excel-based configurator!

HYSON Case Study: High Force Solutions for Rotary Drill-Head

Check out how our T4SC -1800 gas springs were the perfect fit and integrated seamlessly into the top drive head chuck.

HYSON Case Study: Industrial Clamping for Secondary Steel Processing

Check out how our INSTAclamp™ Lock Rings which helped a Midwest steel processor eliminate unplanned downtime associated with bolt-thread split ring failures.

HYSON Case Study: High Speed Crowns and Closures

Check out how our Dyne-A-Lube cylinders with dynamic lubrication helped a crowns and closures metal stamper increase their quality, operating speed and uptime.

HYSON partnered with the Center for Precision Forming for their Annual Meeting on May, 29th, 2019

HYSON’s own Metal Forming Guru, Mike Sanchez, partnered with the Center for Precision Forming for their Annual Meeting on May, 29th, 2019 and gave a presentation on advantages and disadvantages of Advanced Metal Forming Solutions, which included:

HYSON’s MASTERform™ demonstration in the Metal Forming Technology Center

HYSON Metal Forming Solutions own Steve Rynearson had the exciting opportunity to lead a demonstration in the Metal Forming Technology Center.

AS9100D/ISO9001:2015 Recertification Audit

HYSON has successfully completed and passed our AS9100D/ISO9001:2015 recertification audit!

Guardian HDF Cover

HYSON’s, Guardian HDF Cover is the latest in gas spring protection, extending the life of gas springs in harsh environments.

HYSON Hot Stamping Solutions

Overcome contamination, ingestion, high pressure rise and short service intervals with HYSON Hot Stamp Solutions.

Booster Pump

New HYSON Booster Pump