HYSON | Product Announcements

The latest in product and accessory introductions as well as product phase outs.


General Motor Standards 90.35.92 and 90.35.125T2SLG-H Series

compact nitrogen booster pump to enable higher charging pressure for high pressure springs and manifold systems.Nitrogen Booster Pump

High Density Fabric that extends the life of gas springsGuardian HDF Protective Cover

SPRM flange converts the bottom spring port to a side port to allow for easy hose connectionT4SC SPRM Flange

new indicator is lighter weight and is engineered with an additional G ¼ port.Pressure Indicator


Stock Lifter product line condensedT2SLM-300 Stock Lifter

Fiat Chrysler's Gas Spring Standard 075.90.60T3F – Product Line

T2B Series and TNKT Series Tanker B Series – Phasing Out


new set of round flanges for smaller gas springsFC Flanges

reduce cycle time and increase multiple cam possibilitiesCompact Cam

Product Announcement 16-04 Compact Cam