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HYSON | Your Source for Force

Team with HYSON to incorporate safer, more reliable products into your metal forming operation –AND– improve part quality while reducing tooling acquisition costs.  We offer one of the widest ranges of precision force solutions with some of the latest safety features, including:

  • Nitrogen Gas Springs: Designed to meet customer expectations for reliability, safety and service lifetime. The design, manufacture and testing of HYSON gas springs has been approved according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU).
  • Manifold Systems: The industry’s emphasis on increased productivity and lean manufacturing makes the use of manifold systems even more important today. Nitro-Dyne manifold systems offer a variety of advantages compared to other systems. It’s all about force!
  • Cam Systems: Ideal for delivering force to pierce, flange, form or trim. Compact cam units prevent damage to die components in the event an obstruction blocks the cam from its full travel and resets without assistance.
  • Pad Delay Systems:  Designed to provide high force in a small footprint and no pressure rise, HYSON offers a complete line of modular and custom-designed Pad Delay Systems.

Safety First with Genuinely HYSON!