The leader in in-die pad delay systems, Hyson offers a multitude of standard and custom pad delay products. With solutions for both upper and lower dies, Hyson pad delay products can delay your pad giving you an increased window for part transfer as well as improving the part quality.

Di-Dro Advanced Forming Systems

The Di-Dro hydraulic forming system is the newest of HYSON’s pad delay systems. This custom-engineered system can be designed as a hose system or a manifold style. Using hydraulics, the Di-Dro is designed to a maximum of 4000 psi, generating the highest force per area of any pad delay system. The Di-Dro hydraulic forming system is available both as a modular unit or custom-engineered.

  • Provides constant force throughout the stroke.
  • Pad delay can be activated manually or with an electric or pneumatic signal.
  • Self-contained system with no large tanks or hoses required external of the die.
  • Can be used in an upper and lower application.

CS2 Controllable Gas Spring Series

The CS2 family of controllable gas springs allows you to lock the gas spring at bottom dead center, thus delaying the pad, and return the spring by actuating a pneumatic valve.

  • Four models with contact forces from 1.6 to 8.4 tons.
  • Stroke lengths from 4 to 160 mm.
  • Standard and positive lock systems.