Die designers choose HYSON manifold systems for lower pressure rises, improved part quality and easy maintenance. Manifold systems provide one centralized point for pressurizing and depressurizing and require no hoses or external fittings. Customized volume drilling interconnects the cylinders and provides optimal pressure rise. HYSON will engineer the system for you or manufacture per your specifications.

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High Force Manifold System

The newest Nitro-Dyne® system boasts the highest force to get the most productivity and performance from your press. Three cylinder models with stroke heights to 250 mm.

Nitro-Dyne Manifold Systems

The most specified manifold system today. Charged to a maximum of 1500 psi, this system utilizes standardized cylinders and control panels mounted on a custom engineered plate. The plate is configured to provide a low force increase during its stroke, resulting in increased formability parameters for high volume or deeper drawn parts.

  • Five cylinder tonnages, from ½ to 6 tons initial contact.
  • Five cylinder profiles available to meet shut height requirements.


For high-volume and/or high-speed production, this system provides all the features of a standard Nitro-Dyne system with the addition of dynamic lubrication.

  • Provides continual lubrication as oil is sprayed on the cylinder wall with every stroke of the press.
  • Available for upper and lower mounted dies.
  • Five cylinder models available from ½ to 6 tons.