HYSON | The Metal Forming Technology Center

Dedicated to Innovation & Collaboration

In January, 2015 HYSON officially opened our Metal Forming Technology Center.  The first of its kind in the region, the MFTC provides a platform for metal forming advancement through research, development and tryout.

The center is equipped with the latest forming technology, including a 300-ton Komatsu Servo Press, HYSON’s 50 ton MASTERform(TM) Servo-Controlled Cushion and INTELLImax(TM) knockout system.  The center not only serves as a central hub for customer tryouts, but also for academic, steel and OEM collaboration and study.

With the launch of the center, HYSON is helping to lead the development of next generation force products that help solve forming issues, improve customer’s processes and enable the future utilization of lighter and safer metals with more efficient forming.

Partnering with OSU’s CPF to stamp out SPRINGBACK

HYSON Metal Forming Solutions was honored to host the “ Center for Precision Forming Semi-Annual Meeting”, organized by Director Taylan Altan, on Thursday, May 24, 2018. The meeting focused on education and collaboration around blanking edge quality and reducing springback in forming AHSS. It also showcased a springback demonstration utilizing a Komatsu 300 ton Servo Press with HYSON’s MASTERform Servo Hydraulic Cushion in the Metal Forming Technology Center. #education&training

HYSON’s Ethan McLaughlin is “Stamping Out” spring back with variable blank force supplied by MASTERform Cushion System

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Metal Forming Symposium

On September 22, 2015 HYSON hosted the inaugural “Metal Forming Symposium” which featured discussions and hands-on demonstrations pertaining to the technologies, trends and formability of AHSS.  Presenters included some of the industry’s leading experts including Dr H. Kim (EWI Forming Center), Jim Landowski (Komatsu), Eric Cam (AutoForm), Dean Kanelos (Nucor), Peter Ulintz (PMA) and Darrell Quander Jr. (HYSON Metal Forming Solutions). With more than 60 attendees from four countries, the event

Attendees at 2015 Metal Forming Symposium during demonstration of Servo Cushion and Servo Press working together to showcase the latest in metal forming technologies.

Interested in attending our next Symposium (date TBD)?  Contact our marketing team at KSalman@HysonSolutions.com to be added to the announcements and notifications distribution regarding this event.

One-Hit Wonders


Formed in the HYSON Metal Forming Technology Center in one-hit, these multifaceted shapes show how the servo press and servo-controlled MASTERform system can work together as one system to form advanced materials and complex shapes… with consistency.

Industry Collaboration:

Since the opening of the center, HYSON has hosted several industry partners to test dies, materials and lubricants, including:

By partnering with industry leaders, we are able to advance the knowledge, processes and efficiency of forming advanced strength steels.