Same force in less space

HYSON | The Ultimate Metal Forming Solution

HYSON press cushions provide reliability, controllability and flexibility to enable production of higher quality parts with improved forming processes. For new, upgrade or retrofit applications, HYSON provides next generation forming systems that provides a competitive advantage enabling companies to take on new work and increase press utilization and output.

Nitrogen Press Cushion

HYSON Nitrogen Ram and Bolster Press Cushions

TRUEform™ Integrated Forming System

Bolted to the ram or bolster,  TRUEform offers a variety of advantages over air ram cushions, from design flexibility and lower tooling costs to consistent force and simple retrofits.

  • Provides high pressure per cylinder location. (up to 2000 psi)
  • Compact design maximizing available shut height.
  • Offers zoned pressure system.
  • Available with or without a pin plate
  • Smooth integration
  • Same force in less space relative to an air cushion
Hydraulic Press Cushion

HYSON Hydraulic Ram and Bolster Press Cushions

OPTIform™ Integrated Forming System

Bolted on top of, under or contained within the bolster, Hyson OPTIform systems provide an upgrade and a variety of advantages over air cushions.

OPTIform offers the same features and benefits of TRUEform, PLUS:

  • Provides maximum pressure per cylinder location (up to 4000 psi)
  • Delay Bottom Dead Center and Program Return
  • Constant force throughout the stroke
  • Low contact and return force
Servo Press Cushion

HYSON Servo Press Cushion

MASTERFORM™ Integrated Forming System

MasterForm™ offers the same features and benefits of OPTIform™, PLUS:

  • Adjustable/programmable force profile
  • Specialized HMI – Digital Touch Screen System Adjustment
  • Pre-acceleration function
  • Part knockout/ejection capable
  • Controllable force throughout the stroke to increase part quality and reduce springback