The next generation retention solution providing a safer and more reliable lock on roll neck assemblies.

HYSON Mill Solutions - Split / Lock Ring INSTAclamp Chock Retention Ring

Differing from traditional locking mechanisms, HYSON’s INSTAclamp™ solution features an advance single-action, double-locking latch that requires no special tools to engage and eliminates failures associated with thread and bolt style lock rings.

INSTAclamp™ not only features the advanced retention system providing a pre-set positive clamping force that removes the potential of over or under tightening, but also a smooth outer diameter to reduce interference with lifting devices (one way it helps increase plant safety) and a 66% weight reduction when compared to traditional steel locking mechanisms.

When compared to traditional lock rings, INSTAclamp™ offers superior clamping force that retains the chock and brings additional:

  • Safety
  • Simplicity
  • Repeatability
  • Time Savings

INSTAclamp™ Catalog: