Genuinely HYSON… | Reducing the Risk

Product and Service Solutions designed to reduce the risk of damage and injuries

From our facility to yours, HYSON Metal Forming Solutions believes safety is the number one priority in everything we do.  We live this through our culture, our processes and the Genuinely HYSON features we engineer into our products and services. We are:

  • Committed to operational excellence and conducting business in a manner that delivers industry leaGenuinely HYSON - Nitrogen Gas Spring Safetyding health and safety to our employees, customers and the environment
  • Dedicated to providing safer and more reliable products with worldwide support and service
  • At the forefront of innovative product design with forward thinking features and training
  • Precision force and motion control solutions for metal forming.  We enable our customers to form standard and complex materials more efficiently and provide innovative products to their markets.
  • Collaboration partners providing the right solutions for your application.

By using HYSON products in your metal forming processes, you ensure your team, and facility, have the latest technology on the market.

  • Training Programs: On-site or at our Brecksville facility, HYSON provides training so you and your team understand the precautions and best practices of working with or maintaining HYSON products.
  • Safe Handling Features: Going above and beyond, HYSON not only designs safety features and functionality into our products, but also the “little” things that ease safer handling.
  • Manifold: Our manifold systems are designed to release pressure through a port plug on the plate AND the safety groove on the cylinder in the event that a manifold cylinder is removed while the system is still pressurized.

OverPressure Protection (P>max): 
Designed to vent excessive gas in the event that a system becomes over pressurized

OverStroke Protection (S>max): Designed to fail-safe and release pressure in a pre-defined manner due to die misapplications including double hits, maladjusted shut heights and debris in die.

OverLoad Protection(V>max): Designed to vent gas in a controlled manner between the seal and piston rod in the event of an overload due to jammed tool, part or rod side-load.

Safety App: Created to fight against unsafe, counterfeit springs in manufacturing facilities around the globe, Genuinely HYSON Safety App authenticates nitrogen gas springs with HYSON.