Oil and Gas

Whether drilling from ground or ocean rigs, HYSON helps drilling companies upgrade their operations with mechanical or hydraulic force systems that enable a more secure and repeatable process. Our off-the-shelf and custom engineered dampening, force and motion control solutions are designed to perform in demanding environments.

We work with you to resolve your force, dampening and tension challenges by providing the right solution for your application. With so many precision force options, we are confident our proven solutions can help you achieve controllable, repeatable, consistent force.

HYSON Solutions for Oil & Gas:

Steady Stand:Controlled Damping Systems: Super compact T4SC gas springs:
• Consistent, reliable force
• Self-contained system configured per application to replace mechanical springs or washers
• “Ring of Force”
• Damping that changes with stroke position
• Tension, compression and bidirectional designs
• Withstand extreme environments
• High force in compact design
• One spring can replace up to 35 disc springs
• Withstands extreme enviornments