Factory Automation

Are you looking to join the Industry 4.0 Revolution and incorporate some of the latest technologies to update your facility into a SMART FACTORY? Automation can be the key to meeting challenges, enhancing labor effectiveness and growing businesses, and HYSON can help with a wide range of precision force and motion control solutions.

Our active and passive gas/hydraulic based systems provide safety over travel, mechanical compensation and bolt simulation for automated assembly lines, robotic cranes and critical high force applications in a compact solution. Additionally, we can help with real time machine-to-machine process control challenges. Let our global team of application and service engineers help you find the right solution for your Industry 4.0 initiative.

HYSON Solutions for Factory Automation Industry:

Passive Force Systems:Semi-Controllable Systems:Fully programmable Real time process control:
• Set it and forget it
• Inert nitrogen gas medium
• High force in compact space
• Passive lock down
• Programmable release
• Consistent, reliable force
• Servo-hydraulic control
• HMI touch screen
• Precise and repeatable force and motion control