As a primary partner of the appliance industry for over 50 years, HYSON is the go-to company for precision force products that improve product quality and production through-put. Whether you are designing, building or maintaining dies – or – stamping standard and complex parts, HYSON’s solutions help overcome application obstacles with off-the-shelf and custom-designed advanced systems.

Our traditional and next-gen metal forming solutions are engineered to help drive repeatable and efficent processes, safety, and higher through-put. Whether you are forming standard metals, high strength steel or advanced high-strength steel, our diverse product offering helps master the complexity and delivers the right solution for your application.

HYSON Solutions for Appliance Industry:

Manifold Systems:Delay Forming System:Springs and Accessories:
• Consistent, reliable force
• More force, less space
• Low pressure rise
• High force
• Delayed return
• Consistent, reliable force
• Gas springs
• Manifold cylinders
• Accessories