A premier technical forum featuring multi-track presentations, HYSON presented “The Value of Servo-Controlled Force in Forming Advanced High-Strength Steels” which addressed how servo technology can be incorporated into the press, the die cushion, or the combination of these two systems. Attendees gained a greater understanding of the value that servo-controlled technologies bring to their operations, including reduced forming, production time, press maintenance and set-up time associated with forming metals. Additionally, it enabled attendees to re-think how they form high strength steel and what additional projects they can add to their portfolio with the addition of servo control.

Hyson, with three business segments involved in Automotive and Steel applications, has a unique position as it relates to both Industries. Our Tool and Die segment designs force systems for dies, our Industrial business segment produces force systems for steel mills, and our Press Solutions business segment produces the advanced force systems highlighted in this abstract used in the forming of high strength steels.