Upcoming Events

PMA Metal Stamping AND Tool & Die Conference I January 29-30, 2019

HYSON is looking forward to exhibiting at the 2019 PMA Metal Stamping AND Tool & Die Conference on January 29th – 30th, as well as sharing the latest Genuinely HYSON precision force and motion control solutions; including our controllable gas springs, pad delay systems and manifold systems. Join us.


Past Events

National Manufacturing Day I October 5, 2018

Friday, October 5th, HYSON hosted over 20 high school and college students who are currently enrolled in CNC machining and engineering programs/majors, for Manufacturing Day. Manufacturing Day is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers and occurs on the first Friday in October. This year’s theme was to open doors, open minds. Students were given a facility tour focused on safety and recent advances in manufacturing. Educators and students learned how HYSON develops, manufactures and assembles precision force and motion control solutions.


PMA Tennessee District: Supplier Night | September 13, 2018

Another great year participating at PMA – Tennessee District: Supplier Night, attended by HYSON on Thursday, September 13th. Rick Crabtree, HYSON Sales Manager, had a great opportunity to showcase HYSON’s Controllable Gas Springs and demo Nitro-Dyne Manifold Systems.

As a manufacturer of precision force and motion control solutions, HYSON benefits from being a PMA member. A substantial amount of resources are gained such as; networking opportunities, online forums and industry events. PMA industry events have given HYSON face-to-face time with potential customers, which helps drive growth.


AIST Road Show | Nucor Steel Hickman | May 22, 2018

HYSON traveled to Nucor Steel Hickman for an AIST Road Show on May 22nd, and shared the latest in next generation rolling mill solutions.


Great Designs In Steel | May 16, 2018

HYSON was pleased to once again partner with GDIS, a premier technical forum that showcases new steel technologies focusing on AHHS, automotive safety, and manufacturing technologies, as well as having the opportunity to discuss the latest technologies in both Hot and Cold Stamping.

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AISTech 2018 | May 7-10

HYSON was proud to exhibit at AISTech – Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exposition, May 7th-10th. , as well as having the opportunity to share the latest metal forming products that are leading process innovation and solving forming issues.

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AIST Road Show – AK Steel Middletown | April 24, 2018

HYSON sponsored another AIST Roadshow: AK Steel – Middletown on April, 24th. HYSON had the privilege to interact directly with the men and woman of AK Steel – Middletown and present advanced technical solutions for the steel industry.

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PMA Cleveland District: Supplier Night | April 12, 2018

HYSON Metal Forming Solutions exhibited at PMA – Cleveland District: Supplier Night. John Foisel and Ken Sauers discussed HYSON’s expertly engineered products, differentiated technologies, and innovative solutions.

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AIST Road Show – Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa | March 8, 2018

HYSON Metal Forming Solutions had the opportunity to sponsor the AIST Road Show – Nucor Tuscaloosa, on March 8, 2018 and  connect, and speak, with multiple employees across the plant of Nucor Tuscaloosa through HYSON team members Mike Sanchez and Will Wilkins. Mike and Will enjoyed speaking with the men and woman of Nucor Tuscaloosa and understanding Nucor Tuscaloosa’s unique Mill challenges.