The T4SC SPRM Series provides the HIGHEST force per body diameter. Ideal for full height, short stroke, high speed applications where hose system is required.

The T4SC SPRM is equipped with a side port rear mount (SPRM) for applications where a sideport is needed (e.g., for use in hose systems). Available in forces from 950 lbf to 41,140 lbf, T4SCsprings are bore seal gas springs that protect the sealing surface against contamination, even in instances of marred rods. T4SC gas springs can be hosed together and charged remotely using a control panel and hose system. Optional Side Port Plate is required for hosed systems. Standard range of stroke lengths is 10mm-50mm for Models 420 through 1800. Stroke lengths up to 65mm are available for Models 2900 - 18300.


Pressure medium Nitrogen
Force increase by temperature (%/ °C) 0.3
Max. charging pressure (bar at 20°C) 150
Min. operating temperature (°C) 0
Max. operating temperature (°C) 80
Max. piston rod velocity (m/s) 0.8