HYSON Hot Stamping Solutions

Overcome contamination, ingestion, high pressure rise and short service intervals with HYSON Hot Stamp Solutions.

Hot stamping has become one of the hottest go-to technologies to overcome challenges of forming advanced high strength steel and complex parts. However, the extreme heat and boron scale associated with the hot stamping process can create issues all their own.

HYSON has the solutions to help overcome hot stamping hurdles: 

• Contamination ingestion
• High pressure rise
• Short service intervals

HYSON has proven results with the following product lines in HOT STAMPING Applications:


HYSON’s Tanker springs provide maximum contamination resistance from the boron scale that is easily ingested by standard gas springs, scratching piston rod seal surfaces  Equipped with bore seals, the Tanker T & Tanker S seal on the inside of the cylinder bore, instead of on the rod like standard springs.


MOR Cylinders with Bases are ideal for space constrained projects, giving the option for volume tanks and eliminating forming issues associated with pressure rise. Additionally, MOR cylinders are equipped with bore seals and provide maximum contamination resistance from the boron scale. 


HYSON CS2 gas springs acts a pressure pad delay to hold die on bottom for cooling and forming portion of hot stamp process.  


This new High Density Fabric adds an additional level of
protection.  With maximum operating temperatures of 392°F (200° C), Guardian HDF guards against boron scale ingestion. By assembling directly to the piston rod and cylinder body, it literally covers all ingestion points.