Hydraulics vs XTREME Duty Gas Springs

Hydraulics are powerful tools, but are they worth the risk of their contamination leaks that can ruin the end product? In comparison, XTREME Duty Gas Springs are an exceptionally powerful alternative that can’t contaminate the end product.

Did you know that a single XTREME Duty Gas Spring can withstand the same amount of force as 12 Compact Trucks or SUVs stacked on top of one another?

Hydraulics are powerful tools as well; but they have some negative aspects that can affect your work area, as well as being an environmental risk.

Risks of Hydraulics

  • Leaks under pressure & are safety hazards
  • Hydraulic fluid can leak and contaminate the end product
  • Leaked fluid can contaminate the tool & work environment
  • Hydraulic fluid can be flammable and be an environmental risk

Why Switch to Gas Springs

  • Provides the same force in a safer package
  • Nitrogen Gas cannot contaminate the tool, product, or environment
  • Nitrogen Gas is not flammable, toxic, and doesn't react with other gases
  • Engineered with the most technologically advanced Safety Features in the industry


XTREME Duty Gas Springs are a self-contained and custom engineered Industrial Solution used to withstand the environmental elements that cause other gas springs to fail, such as, but surely not limited to: various liquids, steam, high temperatures, temperature swings, particulates and tough duty cycles.

Applicable Industries:

Xtreme Duty Gas Springs are custom designed to fit your application and are offered in various stroke lengths and spring rates, as well as two types of coating options:


Severe Environments: Ideal for highly corrosive environments where up-time matters.


Standard: Ideal for applications requiring a hard-wearing, long lasting spring element.


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