HYSON Engineering Team Demonstrates Social Good During COVID-19 | 13 April, 2020

With the on-going pandemic and increasing shortage of face masks, HYSON’s engineers; Alan Smith, Kelvin Knipl and Will Wilkins, teamed up together to create, print and assemble over 100 face-shields which are; functional, comfortable and can be sterilized numerous times for re-use.

They donated the face shields to a nearby nursing home who was in need of face masks for their medical field workers to test out.

After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response and expression of gratitude, news began to travel quickly via word of mouth and an outpouring of requests came from local nurses, police and fire departments.

Our engineers are continuing to dedicate their free time to this cause and will continue to print face shields utilizing their own 3D printers in order to donate face shields to healthcare and first responders in need.

To help support our generous, thoughtful and innovative engineers who are spearheading this cause, HYSON has donated materials; plastic used in the 3D printers and the transparencies used for the face shields.

Many thanks to Alan, Kelvin and Will for their dedication to helping our medical field workers and first responders work more safely!