MOR and MOR-D – Product Update

As part of our continuous improvement initiatives, HYSON has updated the MOR and MOR-D manifold cylinders by adding a hex feature on the top of the cylinders for installation and removal torque.

This feature replaces the side spanner slots on previous series and affects all tonnages for both 1500psi and 2000psi manifold systems. Cylinder dimensions, part numbers and seal kit numbers for the cylinders will not change.

The Updated Design Includes:

  1. Use of standard impact sockets for the installation and removal of the
  2. Includes two face spanner holes
  3. Cylinder Dimensions Do Not Change
  4. Retrofittable
  5. Part Numbers Do Not Change
  6. Seal Kit Part Numbers Do Not Change

Download the Product Announcement for additional information or Contact us.

Product Announcement
Product Announcement 20-09 MOR MOR-D Product Update