How to Lower Warranty Costs - Heavy Industries | 21 December, 2021

For manufacturers supporting Heavy Industries, issues with hydraulics or coil springs can cause unnecessarily high warranty spending. HYSON's heavy duty gas spring series are an ideal alternative that can help you save on those costs.

For manufacturers for industries like Drilling & Mining, agricultural (ag), & construction- having unreliable parts can be costly.

Hydraulics - are costly to maintain, unreliable in harsh environments- with inconsistent forces, and can be messy by leaking fluids that are not environmentally friendly.

Coil springs - can get impacted and fatigue early, resulting in shorter life cycles.

Both will leave your customer with unnecessary downtime.


Read our article on the comparison between Hydraulics & Gas Springs.


XTREME Duty Gas Springs on the other hand, are designed to be reliable in harsh applications & environments- this includes dirt, mud, temperature swings, liquids, steam, high temperatures, and tough duty cycles. 



Simply put, XTREME Duty Gas Springs are designed to be Reliable in tough environments- which reduces the amount of maintenance.


Why choose XTREME Duty Gas Springs:

  • Won't clog or leak contaminating fluids
  • Are easier to maintain
  • Are reliable- reducing the amount of maintenance
  • Easy drop-in solution


XTREME Duty Gas Springs can be customizable to fit your application and can be an easy drop-in replacement solution. 

Heavy Duty Gas Spring Versions

Standard version: Ideal for applications requiring a hard-wearing, long lasting spring element.


Severe Environments Version: Ideal for highly corrosive environments where up-time matters.



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