Gas Springs in Plastic Molding

In Plastic Molding, Gas Springs can provide long life cycles, accurate & reliable force, and reduce maintenance which avoids downtime.

In plastic injection molding, Gas Springs can provide compact high deflection force without compromising service life.


HYSON T3M Gas Springs provide accurate and reliable consistent force that can even be monitored and adjusted at any time from a Control Panel.

The Benefits of Gas Springs:

  • Filling and bleeding allows user the ability to fine tune the force profile
  • Can be charged and piped together to maintain consistent force from spring to spring
  • Provide the necessary force on contact and do not require preload
  • Can provide high force in short lengths
  • Will not structurally fatigue as a result of cycling them
  • Can be fully stroked without having an impact on the rated life
  • Charge pressure can be monitored using a Control Panel allowing for process control

With the ability to adjust the pressure of the Gas Springs (by charging or degassing) you can reduce maintenance & downtime, adapt to any necessary force adjustments, and have long service lives for the Gas Springs.

hyson plastic molding t3m.png

View T3M Gas Springs

Ideal for higher working temperatures up to 120 °C/ 248 °F such as plastic injection mold tooling.


hyson plastic molding control panel.png

View Control Panels

Contains bleed & fill valves, and a pressure gauge for charging, exhausting & reading pressure.


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