NEW Die Follow Up Service

Let Us Validate Your Springs!

We recognize your concern for counterfeit products coming into your plants from outsourced tooling, as counterfeits represent significant safety risk to
your personnel.

Our Die Follow up Service was launched to ensure your ASIAN sourced dies contain Genuinely HYSON gas springs.

The service includes a HYSON technician going on site to the die builders
and validating all springs and flanges are Genuinely HYSON products.

What we need from you to perform service:

1. Die builder name and contact information (phone number, address, name)
2. Die information (program number, number of dies etc.)
3. Timing (when the dies will be ready for inspection/when they will ship)

Email this information to your local HYSON sales representative or
customer service location. Our team will follow up with our Asian team to
schedule the service. Once service is completed you will receive a
signed Inspection Report.

HYSON Die Follow-Up Service