New and Improved Bleed Valve

The standard bleed down valve used in control panels have been improved with a vibration resistant feature.

Case Study: Preventing Unplanned Production Stops

In this case study, we explore how we helped a world-leader in the White Goods & Appliance industry prevent unplanned production stops, with multi-action metal forming integrated with the automated production process.

How to Lower Warranty Costs - Heavy Industries

For manufacturers supporting Heavy Industries, issues with hydraulics or coil springs can cause unnecessarily high warranty spending. HYSON's heavy duty gas spring series are an ideal alternative that can help you save on those costs.

Gas Springs in Plastic Molding

In Plastic Molding, Gas Springs can provide long life cycles, accurate & reliable force, and reduce maintenance which avoids downtime.

Hydraulics vs XTREME Duty Gas Springs

Hydraulics are powerful tools, but are they worth the risk of their contamination leaks that can ruin the end product? In comparison, XTREME Duty Gas Springs are an exceptionally powerful alternative that can’t contaminate the end product.

NEW Die Follow Up Service

Let Us Validate Your Springs!

MOR and MOR-D – Product Update

As part of our continuous improvement initiatives, HYSON has updated the MOR and MOR-D manifold cylinders by adding a hex feature on the top of the cylinders for installation and removal torque.

NEW Industrial Shock Absorbers

HYSON's latest motion control shock absorbtion technology.

HYSON Engineering Team Demonstrates Social Good During COVID-19

With the on-going pandemic and increasing shortage of face masks, HYSON’s engineers; Alan Smith, Kelvin Knipl and Will Wilkins, teamed up together to create, print and assemble over 100 face-shields which are; functional, comfortable and can be sterilized numerous times for re-use.

HYSON Will Remain Open

Ohio Stay at Home Order - HYSON concluded "essential business" will remain open at this time.