Safety Features

By using HYSON products in your metal forming processes, you ensure your team, and facility have the latest technology on the market. Genuinely HYSON solutions are designed with state of the art features:

OverLoad Protection(V>max):

Designed to vent gas in a controlled manner between the seal and piston rod in the event of an overload due to jammed tool, part or rod side-load.

OverStroke Protection (S>max):

Designed to fail-safe and release pressure in a pre-defined manner due to die misapplications including double hits, maladjusted shut heights and debris in die.

OverPressure Protection (P>max):

Designed to vent excessive gas in the event that a system becomes over pressurized



We offer safety and product training at our location or yours, teaching precautions and best practices applicable while working with or maintaining HYSON products.


Going above and beyond, HYSON not only designs safety features but engineers with safety in mind. We not only incorporate industry standard lift holes and product markings onto our products, but also engineers longer lasting solutions to help reduce handling.


Throughout our facilities, our think safe, act safe, be safe culture reinforces safe work behaviors and empowers team members to take the responsibility to observe and report hazards, prevent accidents and benchmark best practices


By using HYSON products in your facility, you incorporate the latest technologies and feature on the market, resulting in improved safety, reliability and performance.