Nitrogen Gas Springs

HYSON gas springs are highly specified for use in metal stamping dies, injection molds and custom machines. With dozens of models to choose from and thousands of specific tonnages, stroke lengths and mounting options, designers can easily select a standard spring to meet their individual application requirements. All springs are designed to meet the highest levels of controls to ensure safe and reliable operation!

For more than 50 years, HYSON Metal Forming Solutions and our storied lineage has teamed with customers around the world to understand metal forming challenges and have worked closely with our customers to provide the right solution for their application … ultimately helping increase safety and productivity with an innovative and comprehensive product offering.

Nitrogen Gas Spring Selection Guide

Today, HYSON is a single source for numerous metal forming solutions that comply with major industry standards. In this guide you will find our core product lines for Nitrogen Gas Springs Tool and Die Applications.  If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, please contact us for information on our wider product offering.

New Products



LCF-SP dampens shockload with a specially developed element and reduces wear on presses. LCF-SP also helps with poor part quality caused by contact and vibration.


NPL Series

  • Provides force in shorter profile
  • Ideal for stamping applications where height is restricted


High Temperature Mold Series

  • Engineered to withstand high working temperatures
  • Idea for applications with working temperatures up to 248F
  • Ideal for plastic injection mold tooling


NDS – Nitrogen Die Separation

  • In addition to preventing wear, NDS Springs aid in the reduction of snap through and unnecessary use of tonnage.
  • NDS Springs allow dies which use cushions to be stacked, freeing up floor space and preventing die pin and die steel damage in storage.
  • Energy savings of 70-80% when compared to traditional springs.


T5 Series

  • Ultra High Force
  • Compact Design
Tanker Series

Tanker®T and Tanker®S Series

  • Tanker S is the highest force, most compact of the Tanker Series.
  • Tanker T is slightly longer and provides additional thread engagement for bottom mounting.
  • Four spring models generating contact forces from 2,165 to 15,385 lbs.
  • Extended stroke lengths to 225 mm.
Tanker 400 XP Series – TNK 400 and TNK 400HS

Tanker 400 XP Series – TNK 400 and TNK 400HS

The TNK 400 offers:

  • Superior guidance for side load resistance.
  • Bore seal for contamination resistance.
  • Dynamic lubrication for long service life.

The TNK 400HS offers:

  • All the features of TNK 400 with the added benefit of being designed for high speed production environments.
T2 Series

T2 Mini Series

  • Replaces coils springs with diameters from ½ in. to 1-1/2 in.
  • Five models with contact forces from 95 lbs. to 2383 lbs.

T2 B Series

  • Five models with contact forces from 1,640 to 17,000 lbs.
  • Provides ISO forces with a reduced overall height.
  • Extended stroke lengths to 300 mm.
  • Flexible guide absorbs lateral movement and misalignments in the die.
  • Secondary piston retaining ring for extra protection.

NP Series NP-500 to NP-10000

  • Fully meets ISO 11901 and major automotive die standards.
  • Seven models with contact forces from 1,055 to 23,830 lbs.
  • Extended stroke lengths to 300 mm.
  • Flexible guide absorbs lateral movement and misalignments in the die.
  • Secondary piston retaining ring for extra protection.

T2L & LS Series

  • For replacements only; not intended for new die programs. For new applications, refer to T3 Series.
  • Low profile design with heights between T2 and T3 profiles.

T2 Single Post Stock Lifters Series, Dual Post Stock Lifters Series & SRL Rail Lifters Series

  • Guidance and lift incorporated in one compact design.
  • No need for additional guide bushings or anti-rotation feature.
  • Double tube design isolates gas spring from side load and fluid contamination.

SRS Smooth Return Series

Engineered to reduce pad bounce associated with increased return stroke speeds from the press, these innovative gas springs decelerate at the end of the stroke to bring the operation to a smooth, controlled stop.

  • Built-in return stroke speed dampening to eliminate pad bounce.
  • Increases part transfer efficiency.
  • Four models from 1,655 lbs. to 11,185 lbs.
  • Stroke lengths from 125 mm to 300 mm.
  • Easily retrofits in existing dies.
T3 Series

T3 Series

  • High tonnage compact height profile.
  • 12 models with diameters from 3/4 to almost 8 inches, and contact forces from 380 lbs. to 45,000 lbs.
  • Side port for easy hose connection.

T3F Series

  • High force gas springs with G1/8 charging port.
  • Complete range of gas springs meeting FCA global die engineering standards.

T3T Series

  • All the force of the T3 but with additional thread depth for more secure bottom mounting.
  • Six models with contact forces from 2,070 to 21,360 lbs.
T4 Series
T4 Series

T4 Series

  • Contact forces from 2,075 to 21,375 lbs.
  • Extended stroke lengths to 300 mm.
  • Flexible guide absorbs lateral movement and misalignments in the die.
  • Flexible piston ring for additional guidance.
  • Patented safety features protect against over-load, over-pressure, over-stroke.
  • Variety of mounting and linking options.



  • Sub compact nitrogen gas springs are ideal where space is limited in the die and very high forces are required
  • Contact force from 955 to 41140 lbs
  • Very compact bore seal springs provide the highest force per cylinder diameter
  • Patented safety features protect against overload, over pressure and over stroke

Hyson gas spring hose systems provide a distinct advantage to monitor, adjust, charge and discharge pressure from outside the dies. These systems not only save companies valuable time, but also help ensure balanced loads during stamping. Hyson’s extensive portfolio is presented in five distinct lines plus two accessories catalogs.

Gas Spring Accessories

DualSeal Cover

DualSeal 24™ – The Preferred Hose System

HYSON’s most robust and durable hose system featuring two sealing systems.


Micro24™ – The Compact Hose and Tube System

Features same dual seal technology as DualSeal 24™ with hard tubing options and smallest hose bend radius allowing springs to be connected with minimum center-to-center distance.

O-Ring Face – Traditional High Vibration Hose System

The standard hose system for many automotive applications and recommended when high gas flow is required.

EZ – CNOMO – The Hand Connection Hose System

Features hand tightened connections (no tools required) for easy assembly.

JIC – The Traditional Hose System

Recommended for servicing existing dies only.

Hose System Accessories

Features components that provide the most flexibility, reliability and control of your gas spring system.

Gas Spring Service and Maintenance Accessories

Gas Spring Service and Maintenance Accessories

Features components utilized to best service your gas springs.