Through our highly engineered, force generating products, HYSON
enables companies to form metals efficiently with quality results.

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Precision Control

HYSON enables the forming of complex shapes in less die stations.

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Automotive Solutions

HYSON enables the manufacturing of safer, lighter weight vehicles.

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Mill Solutions

HYSON enables efficient and reliable metal reduction processing.

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Aerospace Solutions

HYSON enables the formability of advanced materials and complex shapes.

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HYSON | A Leader in Metal Forming Solutions

HYSON Metal Forming Solutions enables the formability of advanced materials and complex parts with innovative Tool&Die, Press and Rolling Mill solutions…

  • We collaborate with our customers to understand their needs and pains so we can provide the right solution(s) with our off-the shelf or custom-designed products.
  • We enable safer, greener, and more reliable metal forming processes
  • We team with Automotive, Aerospace, Appliance, Lawn and Garden and Military industries.

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Featured Event

|FABTECH 2016| Session S11

Las Vegas, NV

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 | 8:00 AM | Room N223-N224

Join us Wednesday, November 16 during FabTech 2016 for a discussion on “Closed Loop Cushion Force Control in Stamping AHSS” presented by HYSON’s Darrell Quander Jr. Attendees will learn the value of incorporating an oscillating blankholder force into their programmable profiles and how to tackle challenges such as friction/lubrication, wall thinning, wrinkling/cracking. Interested in attending… use code SPK30 and receive 30% off conference program registration.  Register at

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Design & Manufacturing

HYSON is a design and manufacturing company focused on innovation that creates value for our customers. Through our force generating control products, we enable companies to collaborate and form standard and advanced metals to offer safer, more reliable products to their markets. Our solutions are integrated into mills, presses and stamping tools and heop master the complexity of metal forming.  We have both off-the-shelf and custom-designed precision force products,  and because of this can provide the right solution for your application -or- “pain“!

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As a business of Barnes Group Inc., HYSON provides highly engineered products, differentiated technologies and innovative solutions with the most comprehensive product line in the industry.

Our products and services enable companies to form advanced materials and complex metal products with precision, safety, reliability and flexibility.